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Structural Design

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Home construction is a life-time decision and need to look into important factors to ensure the proper execution without hassles .We focus on design a safe structure by providing well organized working drawings and supervisions.

It is essential to select a right developing components matches your lifestyle and environment. In most of the constructions projects time and money runs out before the project finishes. This happens when the owner is not aware about the following things:


  • Do you know what type of foundation suitable for your building?
  • Do you know what are the type of materials suitable for your building?
  • Do you know the proper quantity and proportion of materials to get the structural stability?
  • Whether the proposed building satisfies the height from the road level?
  • Whether the Setting out dimensions for the concrete structure on site is correct?
  • Whether Notes on specifications, finishes and all cross-references affecting the construction?


We Provide the Following

  • All the drawings in Architectural Design Services
  • Analysis of Geo technical Report of soil
  • Design of Foundation and super structure
  • Preparing and issuing of working drawings and details for proper execution of project
  • We Visit the site of work, at intervals of important stages
  • Supervise the work to ensure quality, accuracy and finish
  • Completion certificate for handling over the project to
    the employer

Our Strength

  • We ensure Structural stability.
  • We ensure Safety.
  • We eliminate uncertainty in the design process.
  • We eliminate Absence of practical experience.